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Ace of Spades short review

The number of players is from 3 to 7. If three players play, they take a small deck – 32 cards. If there are four players, they take the average deck – 36 cards. With a larger number of players, a 52-card deck is used. The places are determined by lot – cards are drawn from a deck scattered like a fan on the table.

The one who drew the lowest card deals first. If you suddenly happen to draw the same cards, you need to put them back in the deck and drag the cards again. They deal five cards to each player, handing them out one at a time, not all five at a time.

The trump card is opened by the dealer and placed in the middle of the table. The ace in each suit is the strongest card, and the ace of spades is called a fly. Significant advantages are assigned to it. Each player keeps his own record. The player draws a line in front of him and writes the number 25 under it, from which he writes off throughout the game.

Players buy alternately. The winner is the one who first writes off the assigned figure. He wins necessarily from each of the players. The winning figure is recorded aside until the final calculations.

Description of the game

The change goes in the usual order – from left to right. Five cards are dealt to each player, one at a time. You cannot look at the cards before the trump card is opened. After that, the leading player asks everyone how many cards he wants to buy. When buying, you should first of all discard a long (the more cards, the longer the suit) suit or junior cards.

You should not leave aces or rely on them as a card take: most likely, one of the players will demolish the suit to which the ace belongs, and then beat him with a trump card. It is best to leave only the trumps on your hands and buy them.

The cards must be put in the suit, if there is no suit, you can kill with a trump card.

If you have a deal on your hands that is not even worth risking buying, you can announce a pass and put the cards aside, thus refusing to play this game.

If the dealer “fell asleep”, that is, he handed over extra cards, or accidentally opened a card with points up, then a retake is made.

If a player has only one or two card takes left in the account up to 30 (25), he needs to be especially careful: if he gets carried away, he can take an extra card. Then he loses the right to win. He will have to put the number 30 (25) again and write it off again, while the rest of the players continue the game with the same record.